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I Shall Wear Midnight - Terry Pratchett This book started off in a deceptively simple fashionin which, initially, I felt rather too much was being told rather than shown. This simplicity soon, however, gave way to stark and sober horror, as young witch Tiffany is faced with an everyday situation of family violence and abuse. The suggestion of violence, ignorance and cruelty is a keynote of the book, as Tiffany faces an enemy darker and more real than any Queen of the Fairies - an embodiment of those worst aspects of human nature that causes them to turn upon those who are different or can be scapegoated. There was also much quiet beauty and subtlety in the book - a dying man remenisces about hares in summertime, while, to my delight, a character whose fate I had often wondered about resurfaces unexpectedly and mysteriously. As always the robustness and humanity of the witches carrying out the roles of nurse, teacher, social worker and priest are a delight and an inspiration. This is a book I suspect I shall enjoy rereading more than once.