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Kraken - China Mieville Billy Harrow is a curator at the Darwin Centre in London. On a day like any other, he prepares to lead a tour through the exhibition rooms only to discover that the prize exhibit - a gigantic squid preserved in a tank - has somehow been stolen overnight, tank and all. From then on, Billy's hitherto quiet life gets much stranger and a lot more dangerous as he is plunged into a world of apocalyptic squid cultists, Star Trek fanatics, Londonmancers, psychic policewomen, Chaos Nazis and many other curious entities, benign and less so including the deeply unpleasant and mysterious Goss and Subby, a pair of gents who couldn't help reminding me of the almost equally sinister duo from Gaiman's Neverwhere.

The dark and magical underbelly of London turned up by this tale was fascinating and absorbing - urban fantasy at its artistic best. I enjoyed reading this book even if there were bits towards the middle where the plot may have felt a little too involved, but it soon picked up again to a satisfying if unexpected conclusion.