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The War at the End of the World - Heidi Belleau,  Violetta Vane This was a layered, vivid and eerie story set mostly in the surprising setting of wartime Finland. Not a setting I know much about (though I feel I know more now) but it felt convincingly well-researched and well realised.
Joseph, an American war-correspondent reports on the volatile situation in Finland in which the Nazis are assisting the Finns in fighting off the threat from the Soviet Union. Of partially Jewish ancestry and left-wing sympathies, Joseph is distinctly uneasy about this alliance of unequals.

In the midst of danger, Joseph is silently observed by his Fetch - also known as a doppelganger, a Fetch is a folkloric being who appears to an individual at the time of their death, bearing their own image. Joseph's Fetch however, is tormented by tender feelings for the man he exists to make an end of.

Perhaps I was a little unsatisfied by the ending; it lacked something of the moody energy and style of the rest of the story.

I very much enjoyed reading this!