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Hekate Liminal Rites: A Study of the rituals, magic and symbols of the torch-bearing Triple Goddess of the Crossroads - Sorita D'este, David Rankine This book is full of fascinating details, quotations from grimoires and the Greek Magical Papyri and a wealth of scholarly allusions. The authors have clearly done a great deal of research for this book.

Unfortunately, these facts are often simply grouped in an oddly thematic and trans-chronological fashion, with seemingly little attempt to analyse or explore the development of Hekate as a Goddess or the hugely differing ways in which she is regarded and worshipped between the time of Hesiod to the last pagan philosophers and magicians.

We jump from vague and general hints of Hekate's role in Orphic and Neo-Platonic philosophy with suggestions that her worship was connected with vegetarianism to discussions of Circe and Medea and her associations with darker magic, (including the use of the eyes of live bats!) without any consideration of why her image mutated so wildly according to context. Why is the goddess so notably praised and revered by Hesiod, evoked in such disparaging and disgust filled terms by later Roman writers such as Horace?

There is virtually no attempt to set any of these writers or artworks within their historical context or to consider possible bias or poetic license. All sources are simply reported upon.

I suspect that the wide use of impressive sounding sources led me into expecting a more academic-oriented book than this turned out to be.