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The Tuxedo Cat of Montevideo (Valeran Park, #2)

The Tuxedo Cat of Montevideo (Valeran Park, #2) - Miri Thompson Rob Suarez is asexual and submissive and longs for a dom who will own and cherish him on his own terms; specifically he is not willing to share a dom's affections with another submissive. As asexual doms appear to be thin on the ground, Rob has spent a long time single, making life more interesting for everyone at D/s club Valeran Park with his ingenious and harmless pranks, earning himself attention in the form of punishment in the process.

Attending a family funeral of another club member (Mike of 'Without Restrictions') would seem an unpromising occasion on which to find what he seeks, yet could apparently vanilla couple Angie and David somehow turn outto be just what Rob has been looking for?

A delightful and unusual romance.